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I have to say that I am a fan of the aimbot. I enjoy the freedom to move my mouse while it's pulling at the target and at about 5+ smoothing, this offers that ability with ease. I would like to be able to set RCS strength though. It also offers a visibility check that I've only used for testing. I have also been able to run 3 consecutive 20 kill/4k+ games on smooth 1 when I was testing for AI detections. I didn't receive any ban which is nice. I would imagine over time doing that will result in a ban, but it's nice to know in a panic situation, you are able to do that. 

The ESP is simple, but fine. I do hope for the ability to adjust to a thinner box eventually. I definitely prefer overlay to glow unlike most people so I've been satisfied with it. I like to actually see people when they're scanned or in a digi threat and things like that. 

The triggerbot works, but I wouldn't rely on it heavily. You can get a nice initial crack on someone running straight at or away from you. It's improved since my initial purchase, but I would honestly love to see more from umbrella regarding this feature since it can make a huge difference in the user's experience. A decent prediction is really a game changer, especially at high levels since people know how to move.  

And to close this out, the most important thing to consider.. security. I love it. I trust this product on my level 731 with 3 heirlooms. I am aware that there is a risk when cheating so I'm not oblivious to the potential consequences, but to date, umbrella has not let me down. I have not been banned from any game while using this provider and I've used all but DBD so far. I've been very satisfied with that. 

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Umbrella.gg is a project that brings innovative solutions for the games that you play. We bring something unique, undetected and cheap. 

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