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Rules and Notes

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  • Do not ask about when cheats are going to get updated. This will not make the cheat update faster. Everything has its time. Also, remember: every support ticket will be answered. We will always refund your days if necessary.
  • You can't be a member of this forum if you work at any other software company.
  • Any attempt or threat to reverse engineer our software is prohibited.
  • Scamming is not tolerated.
  • Staff decisions must be respected.
  • If you're purchasing a sub with a reseller, you're doing it at your own risk. This mean that if we don't receive the money from the reseller, we WON'T activate your sub. The max we can do is ban the reseller if he doesn't delivery it.
  • Any form of defamation of our product will not be tolerated.
  • Never run our software (that is not for these games/leagues) with Faceit AC/ Vanguard AC installed. Also, if you have MalwareBytes installed, you will need to do a FULL computer reset using an USB.


  • Forum threads and shoutbox should not be used for support purpose.
  • Announcing other products that are not part of umbrella software is prohibited.
  • All products on the store are non refundable under any circumstance (request will result in ban)
  • Invitations can't be sold.
  • Accounts can't be shared with other members.
  • Make sure to have a forum password and username create before purchasing any subs. Our loader also doesn't support the forum discord login integration.
  • Harassing other forum members will not be tolerated.
  • Spamming the support ticket will not be tolerated.
  • Never ask about have a discount or extra sub days.
  • Do not send NSFW content.
  • Do not share forum information. What is posted here needs to stand here.
  • Make sure that your ticket is being opened in the correct department.
  • When you are paying your sub, check the payment value and be sure that you are paying the exact value that is asked. If you underpay, feel free to open a support ticket to talk with us to solve this issue. In overpayment cases, we will add more days to your sub based on how much you overpaid.


  • To request support, create a ticket in the private umbrella discord by the Ticket Bot.
  • Do not dm other users asking for support, including any STAFF member. Use the Ticket Bot for that.
  • Do not announce any other software.
  • Make sure to follow the Discord Terms of Service.
  • Use the support ticket to report bans.
  • Use the support ticket to ask for invitations.
  • Do not talk about bans.
  • Do not send NSFW content.

While using our software, do not run any suspicious software. This includes any reverse engineering software, programming, injectors, debuggers, decompilers, or monitoring software. Any suspicious activity will result in a ban without a previous warning or explanation.


Breaking any of these rules or promoting any discussion can lead to the termination of your account.

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