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  1. Because right now ballack hasn't added the pretty cool effect for ESP when enemies are visible. ------------------------------------------------------------------- But,when this vision is realized, the ESP rating will be 9/10
  2. First thing I've been cheating in apex since 2020 Here's some feedback from my first time using the Umbrella software ESP__9/10 ESP is very customisable and we can highly customise it, but it doesn't have visible/invisible colours and we can't easily tell if the enemy is visible or not (visibility feature was added),Imagine being in the final round when you're facing 20 enemies.you'll be dazzled. AIMBOT__8/10 Powerful aimbot.It can be legit or rage.we have the freedom to choose the locking of bones, as well as the prioritization, which is definitely a great feature op





Umbrella.gg is a project that brings innovative solutions for the games that you play. We bring something unique, undetected and cheap. 

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