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  4. jbx

    Apex Feedback

    I have to say that I am a fan of the aimbot. I enjoy the freedom to move my mouse while it's pulling at the target and at about 5+ smoothing, this offers that ability with ease. I would like to be able to set RCS strength though. It also offers a visibility check that I've only used for testing. I have also been able to run 3 consecutive 20 kill/4k+ games on smooth 1 when I was testing for AI detections. I didn't receive any ban which is nice. I would imagine over time doing that will result in a ban, but it's nice to know in a panic situation, you are able to do that. The ESP is simple,
  5. This issue has been resolved since a long time ago.
  6. Cheats sometimes fail and cause the game to flash back. The box does not change color and enemies are one color behind and outside of cover. Cheat no way to save Settings I request fix IMG_5220。移动
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