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  5. monkey

  6. It will get added. The reason why it wasn't on this last update is simple: this update was only forced because the game had an update.
  7. Because right now ballack hasn't added the pretty cool effect for ESP when enemies are visible. ------------------------------------------------------------------- But,when this vision is realized, the ESP rating will be 9/10
  8. Thanks for you review, i'm glad you're liking the product.
  9. Software is stable, our security system can crash and bsod it depending on what programs you're running. The bsod you have is probably no related with the cheat itself, but with a blacklisted program running at the same time of it. Rating ESP as 5/10 because it don't have visibility colors is far from being honest. We will add some blink effect to the ESP when it's visible, so you can choose using it or not. It's better than just doing more colors options and it's pretty easier to use.
  10. AIMBOT (9/10): The AIMBOT feature is impressive, offering extensive customization options to cater to different styles of gameplay. You have the ability to adjust each weapon group, targeting zones, and more, making it a versatile tool for various gaming scenarios. The fine-tuning capability ensures that players can tailor it to their exact preferences, enhancing the overall gaming experience. TRIGGERBOT (8/10): The TRIGGERBOT is quite accurate and responsive, contributing to a more efficient gaming experience. However, there's room for improvement, especially in terms of prediction. It w
  11. First thing I've been cheating in apex since 2020 Here's some feedback from my first time using the Umbrella software ESP__9/10 ESP is very customisable and we can highly customise it, but it doesn't have visible/invisible colours and we can't easily tell if the enemy is visible or not (visibility feature was added),Imagine being in the final round when you're facing 20 enemies.you'll be dazzled. AIMBOT__8/10 Powerful aimbot.It can be legit or rage.we have the freedom to choose the locking of bones, as well as the prioritization, which is definitely a great feature op
  12. harvard

    Apex Feedback

    Thanks, we have recoded it right now.
  13. jbx

    Apex Feedback

    I have to say that I am a fan of the aimbot. I enjoy the freedom to move my mouse while it's pulling at the target and at about 5+ smoothing, this offers that ability with ease. I would like to be able to set RCS strength though. It also offers a visibility check that I've only used for testing. I have also been able to run 3 consecutive 20 kill/4k+ games on smooth 1 when I was testing for AI detections. I didn't receive any ban which is nice. I would imagine over time doing that will result in a ban, but it's nice to know in a panic situation, you are able to do that. The ESP is simple,
  14. This issue has been resolved since a long time ago.
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